• Have an approved home loan on a property you wish to purchase OR own your property
  • Register and provide your info: reguest@flisp.info
  • Compile the necessary certified documents for the application as per the checklist
  • Forward to our office and we’ll do the rest

Who Can Apply?

Applicants intending to acquire residential property may apply for FLISP if they meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • South African citizen with a valid ID; or permanent residents with a valid permit
  • over 18 years and competent to legally contract
  • never have benefitted from a Government Housing Subsidy Scheme before
  • have an Approval in Principle of home loan from an accredited South African financial institution
  • first time home buyer, earning from R3 501 to R15 000 per month

FLISP is for residential properties in formal towns where transfer of ownership and registration of mortgage bond is recordable in the Deeds Office.